Guestbook, stories after the visit to the cellar

Sguardo d’artista. Vino: la Doc Garda-Colli Mantovani

Presentiamo la Doc Garda-Colli Mantovani e l’Alto Mantovano…continua. Articolo scritto da Luca Francesconi – Gambero Rosso


We were there AIS Mantua

Warm welcome from Mr. Gianfranco Bertagna has ospitatati us in the beautiful architecture of its wine cellar with vaulted ceilings and exposed stone ….. continue


3 hours by foot, do not we know this

Arrive in the courtyard of the farm Bertagna. The man across the street, meanwhile, is pruning. My curiosity leads me to ask, “is that we can not spy on his work?” …. continue


Tasting wine cellar

My experience of the Merlot Winery Bertagna and some of the other wines …. read more